Cedric spills a potion on Wormwood that allows Cedric to understand Wormwood. Amber and her friends discourage Sofia from playing with them at the sleepover due to their wild and crazy ways and over-excitement from being in the castle, and Sofia, in an attempt to appease her princess friends, tries to make Ruby and Jade change their ways. Sofia enlists the help of Jun, Jin, and Kai to help her and Chrysta stop a shape-shifting villain from helping. However, when her older brother and sister reveal they themselves are competing against them and invite her to be part of their team, Sofia must choose which side to be with. Books: Disney Junior Storybook Collection • The Royal Slumber Party • The Halloween Ball, Elena of Avalor: Princess Elena • Princess Isabel • Francisco • Luisa • Shuriki • Alacazar • Zuzo • Mateo • Migs, Luna, and Skylar • Rafa • Chancellor Esteban • Armando • King Raul and Queen Lucia • Naomi Turner This episode first aired on October 28, 2016 in Canada, but officially premiered on January 14, 2017. 11 Apr. Rate . However, this amulet is coveted by the kingdom's royal sorcerer Cedric, who wants to use its power to take over Enchancia. Sofia's amulet gives her a new power that allows her to shrink in size, where she then befriends a group of mischievous sprites who want to do nothing but have fun. Sofia meets her favorite knight, Sir Bartleby, otherwise known as the silent knight as no one has heard him speak. Along the way, Cedric takes his first step towards the light when she soothes his stress. When she wishes to relive her birthday again, Ruby's fairy godmother, Tizzy, grants her wish. After James accidentally eats all her goldenberry pancakes which were meant as Sofia's surprise for the both of them, he tries to cheer Amber up with their twin song, a song they made up as kids that would remind each other of the other's love and special bond. The hockey team tells Hugo they're okay with his love for ice-dancing and tell Garrick that Hugo is too sick to come to practice. ', 'Jack & Triumph Show', 'Girl Meets World' & More", "Wednesday Cable Ratings: 'Duck Dynasty' Tops Night + FIFA Women's World Cup, 'Suits', 'The Daily Show' 'Mr. Coincidentally, Cedric's parents reside there. Meanwhile, Sir Oliver tries to ruin the event in revenge for his banishment. While attempting to get her mother's permission to invite Ruby and Jade to breakfast without Amber, Sofia inadvertently confides to her about her insecurities, to which Miranda tells her that "the more the merrier", and lets Sofia do as she pleases. During Amber's pink tea-party, Baileywick is called back to re-ice the cookies to Amber's taste. So, she joins her merry band of do-gooders while pretending to be a normal village girl to prove Carol wrong. On the day of the tea party, things are ruined with the introduction of Amber's biggest idea that will supposedly escalate everything, destroying everything just before the school arrives. 4. While sailing to see a meteor shower, Sofia, Amber and Miranda are kidnapped by pirates! Absent: Sara Ramirez as Queen Miranda, Travis Willingham as King Roland II, Jess Harnell as Cedric, Tim Gunn as Baileywick. Sofia discovers the Secret Library, and her destiny as a storykeeper. Sofia resolves to help Cedric because he is her friend, in addition to helping him fix his failed invisibility potion. 5. Clover woke Sofia early in the morning to celebrate her birthday. Amber doesn't know how to make friends herself, and James was caught standing in itching ivy, so nobody wants to be near him. But the evil fairy, Miss Nettle, disguises herself as a powerful sorceress and takes over the feast to get Sofia's amulet. Amber becomes jealous and selfishly takes it without permission and tries to use it to summon a Disney Princess. Sofia prepares for a Halloween party in the ballroom and discovers a ghost trying to scare everyone out of the castle so he can throw his own ghostly gala. Amber learned in the Sofia the First episode "A Royal Wedding", that she would be queen of Enchancia. A new fairy teacher, Miss Nettle, who was once the apprentice of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather arrives at Royal Prep to be a teacher for the after-school gardening club. The episode ends with Sofia, James and Desmond chasing after a trapped Mr. Pop-Off as his bubble floats down the street. Grand Mum comes to visit Enchancia and Sofia helps Minimus muster the confidence to perform a bold stunt routine in his parents' flying horse show. As Cedric researches, Sofia chides Wormwood for insulting him. When Wormwood steals Grimhilde's Crown, Sofia must help Cedric return it in order to gain back the King's trust. Rate. 2. But when James sprains his wrist, he is unable to race with Sofia, and the only one who can take his place is their old flying derby rival, Prince Hugo, who has no desire to work on team plays and is more focused on being the first to cross the finish line. They then devise a plan to rescue Clover by Sofia being the volunteer to enter the Vanishing Box and pick him up when they supposedly reappear, although it's just a secret curtain that the occupants can hide in. When the Royal family is invited to Merroway Cove for a celebration, Oona (the princess of Merroway Cove) is tired of being treated like a little kid, and she wants to prove that she's ready to make waves. Working together as a team, Sofia trains hard and ultimately manages to win a flying derby race, including beating Hugo, the best rider at Royal Prep, proving that anything can be a "princess thing". Sofia overhears a discussion with Emily to conjure up a storm that will sink the royal ship above the cove as humans threatened mermaids' safety a long time ago. Sofia and Chrysta go on a stakeout in Wei-Ling to protect a Wicked Nine item from Prisma. Clover and Sassafras eventually find the damaged coach and rendezvous with Sofia and Barley. Will Sofia be able to handle her nasty copy before she causes too much trouble? During trick or treat, Calista tried not to mess up the events and prove she can make sure everyone gets a treat in Lucinda's mom's maze but she failed. Baileywick's worrying and presence often gets in the way of Sofia's activities, which hinders her from earning one more badge to get a sunflower pin, a pin that shows a sign of recognition that you have filled up your entire vest with badges. When Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather announce a big test, the princesses are put to the test but only one of them can win the trophy for showing the most important princess trait of all—kindness. Sofia, Amber and James plan to go to the carnival together, but their fun is interrupted by the arrival of Matilda, their aunt whom they call Tilly. However, the faun doubts that she is special. His crystals work on Amber during the ball, and she wins the contest yet again, only to find that she is unable to take it off and that the costume is real. Sofia receives a summons from the Secret Library telling her about the tale of the Eternal Torch, an enchanted flame that is the center of a far away land for dragons. Disney Princess guest: Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin franchise. In a final, desperate attempt, Sofia makes gooseberry pie and cherry cider, the foods they used to eat together while watching the pageant in the village, but in her haste spills it all over the coach, angering Amber. on now. When Sofia is left in charge of her Aunt Tilly's house, she must protect it from a group of invading gargoyles. However, Jade doesn't believe Sofia's promise that Lucinda is a good witch now, and builds a trap that backfires on Sofia instead, ruining her entire birthday party and blaming it on Lucinda in anger and exasperation. Ixlan was released from her century-long imprisonment in "The Lightning Warrior". 6. Baileywick, the castle steward, is known for constantly quietly working away, performing his duties impeccably. After an apology from all the children, the circus master brings the circus to the castle and perform for the children, much to their delight. Having a bad day at the castle, Clover runs into a wild rabbit named Barley that looks just like him in the village. Flora invites Hugo to join the class, but he refuses, saying that ice-dancing isn't for boys. Unfortunately, the spell throws mother and daughter in a boat on a rapidly raging river, leading to Sofia realizing that she must accept that things are the way they are because they have to be the way they are. Amber is concerned about what kind of tea party Sofia has in mind. Grand Mum comes to visit Enchancia and Sofia helps Minimus muster the confidence to perform a bold stunt routine in his parents' flying horse show. The Birthday Wish. Mateo set out to be a master wizard from "Spirit of a Wizard". Reinvigorated by this realization, Clover and Sassafras again head out, despite the rain, to be with Sofia. After a brief confrontation, Clover and Barley reconcile their differences. It's the royal twins' birthday, but Amber wants to celebrate it all by herself because she dislikes sharing the birthday surprises and having to change the celebration to cater James' likes as well. Just as the party ends, Sofia and Amber show up at Tangu Peak. Cerdic had lost his trust from King Roland since he revealed his ambition of taking over the kingdom. A band of bumbling pirates capture Miranda, Amber, and Sofia. Sofia returns to the underwater kingdom of Merroway Cove where she is reunited with her mermaid friend Oona and meets a new mer-boy named. Meanwhile, Zandar tries to impress the high-maintenance Hildegard with elephant shows and the cultures of Tangu, finally managing to impress her with dancing --- a show that stars her own self. Unfortunately, taking the amulet and betraying Sofia both count as a bad deed, so it bestows a curse on Amber by summoning the venomous Princess Ivy, an exiled evil princess who plans to usurp the throne and turn all Enchancia black and white. Sofia The First - Season 1: A Royal Mess - Sofia and her step-siblings learn a lesson about owning up to their mistakes when James recklessly breaks a stained glass portrait of the Royal Family and their trip to the circus is disrupted. S4, Ep5 24 Jun. All episodes in this season are directed by Jamie Mitchell. During a trip to Merlin's castle, Cedric's trouble-making niece swipes the famous magician's wand, which summons his arch-enemy Morgana who wants to keep the wand for herself. Chrysta liked Wassalia so much that she will be volunteer every Wassalia, same as this year, she volunteered to help those need help in this Wassalia too, with Sofia. Amber, noting Clover's lack of "talent", introduces Sofia to the kingdom's finest bunny, a beautiful white rabbit named Ginger, who can whistle. After seeing Cedric use a copying spell, Sofia clones herself with it so she can go to the hootenanny and the clone can play with Joy. Sofia needs to help her friend Lucinda and other witches to make a golden cauldron and send it to another witch who wants it and she will not disturb them. During the trip, Sofia is still hurt by what Hildegard has said, and she doesn't feel any better as Amber and Roland have fun together and recall their past field trips. Prisma came to the kingdom to steal one of the Wicked Nine, a powerful crown called Grimhilde's Crown. A new school year begins for Sofia and her classmates, and when she realizes that her classmate Desmond has difficulties, she helps him to get along. Sofia and Minimus must rescue Mazzimo from the greedy prince. The Sofia the First Wiki is an encyclopaedia about the Disney Junior television series that anyone can edit. While Barley discovers Clover's former luxurious castle life, Clover struggles in the wild to find his way back to the castle. Sofia meets her protector trainer, a feisty crystal fairy named Chrysta, and travels to the Isle of Forever Frost to begin her first assignment. Lucinda uses magic to fix everything just in time, and they celebrate Jade's birthday together with Ruby, Sofia and the rest of the village children. Note: After the amulet goes awry, Anna and Elsa are mentioned. While Hildegard has gone away for a vacation, Clio helps Sofia practice for the upcoming school musical auditions. This article is about the episode. King Roland leaves Prince James in charge of the kingdom for one day while he and Queen Miranda are out. Roland, Amber, and James are so busy (Roland designing castles, Amber sorting clothes, James playing with soldier toys) that they don't make time for Miranda and Sofia. 8. As Sofia, and her siblings Amber and James, prepare for their graduation from Royal Prep Academy, Sofia is called back to the Mystic Isles to face an evil witch named Vor, who is trying to take over the kingdom of Enchancia. When Sofia and Hildegard become stuck inside an enchanted painting, Hildegard complicates their escape plan by insisting she knows everything. Sofia's amulet once again summons her to help a princess in need but that princess turns out to be one of Sofia's old enemies: Princess Ivy. When they discover that they need to find a magical ingredient at the top of a mountain, they compete to see who can reach the summit first-at the risk of their science projects and their friendships. All episodes in this season are directed by Jamie Mitchell and Mircea Kyle Mantta. S2, Ep20. After Hugo loses a small race to Squire Vaughan, Sofia learns from Hugo's flying horse, Electra, that Hugo isn't what he appeared to be--he only acted like a bully in "Just One of the Princes" because he couldn't take the pressure of living up to his family's legacy. Sofia and Calista going to spend some time with Sofia's witches friends on Holloween while the witches think Calista will be a drag on them as she is too young. Sofia invites Ruby and Jade to join her and Amber for the annual Flylight Pageant, where coaches from all the kingdoms soar across the twilight sky each year on the first day of summer. Plan succeeding, the royal family eat cake together at the ball, only to find it extremely unsatisfying. Meanwhile, Cedric returns to the cabin in human form, defeated and seasick. Season 2 of Sofia the First premiered on February 28, 2014 and concluded on August 12, 2015. But whenever Cedric tries to use its power to take over the kingdom, it curses him in a variety of ways. After a confrontation from Crackle and overhearing a village boy take his dog to the contest simply because his pet is his friend, Sofia rushes back to the castle, bringing Clover to the contest instead and apologising for her behaviour. Rate. Cedric takes Sofia to Hexley Hall, his alma mater, to research more in its expansive library. Not wanting to move from her old castle Vivian tricks her parents into thinking their new castle is haunted with a little help from Sofia's wee sprite friends. The three realise that their best chance of stopping Miss Nettle is finding the spellbook before she does. It's time for the annual Tri-Kingdom Picnic between the kingdoms of Enchancia, Wei-Ling and Khaldune, where the children and their parents compete separately against one another in games, with the winning team getting the Golden Chalice trophy. When Amber spies on people with her telescope, she and Sofia believe that their mother has been kidnapped by a mystical creature. 10. After their friends leave, Sofia, Amber, James and Nigel try to redo the whole day by setting up all the planned activities again. The Golden Wing Circus is in town and the kids really want to go, but when. At last Princess Ivy had made friends with Ms. Nettle, and the animals had made a present for Princess Ivy. Sofia and her friends regret their decision to bring their pets to school after Clover and the rest of the animals get scrambled in a sorcery class accident. The following episodes of Sofia the First are listed in the order of their original airing. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While her father is busy with the royal road crew in the Whispering Woods, Sofia and Clover discover a Silver Tree that leads them to a secret land inhabited by elves. 7. Meanwhile, Hildegard is having panic attacks at the princess test, but manages to get back into her spirit with Amber's help. Rate. Rate. settings. When Princess Sofia goes on a high-seas vacation, she befriends a young mermaid named Oona when she frees her from a fishnet. Derek tries to make fun of Hugo, but Sofia and James defend him by reminding the others of Sofia's experience. As Sofia, Amber and James prepare for their graduation from Royal Prep Academy, Sofia is called back to the Mystic Isles to face an evil witch named Vor who is trying to take over the kingdom of Enchancia. Madam Ubetcha helps Sofia find the travelling circus in Somerset Village with her crystal ball, and the princess with her animal companions go there immediately. Clover gradually begins to understand that he had taken his leisurely life for granted. Eventually, they all team up together. Oona and Cora return to their mother, who apologises to Sofia and makes the storm go away. It's up to Sofia, Amber, Jun and Mulan to rescue their loving families. Sofia gets disheartened when she has to share her mother, Queen Miranda, with Amber and James during the annual Mother's Day picnic. To help protect a special flower Sofia and Chrysta go undercover to take the "Fairy Test". Amber confesses her cheat to the headmistresses, who turn her back to normal at the cost of her trophy. It's up to Sofia and. Rate. She soon learns of Oona's capture and tracks her down, accompanied with Clover and a seagull friend of his, but are unable to free her, just as Emily loses patience and summons the storm to sink the royal ship. Princesse Sofia (Sofia the First) est une série télévisée d'animation américaine en 109 épisodes de 22 minutes créée par Craig Gerber (en), produite par Walt Disney Television Animation, faisant partie de la franchise des Princesses Disney, et diffusée entre le 18 novembre 2012 … Sofia and her friends join the Buttercups, a Girl Scout-like group. Princess Zooey is having a hard time making friends when she comes to Royal Prep. Songs: "Merroway Cove" and "The Love We Share". While this comes as good news to the princesses, Sofia chases after them and they reconcile at the castle gates after some encouragement from Miranda, Sofia's village mother. Amber promises to return the trophy to the school. Axel says that Hugo takes after him only to be reminded by Hugo that he takes after Sofia, proving that he's changed for the better and has become friends with her. Reminding Hugo of the events in "Just One of the Princes", Sofia tells him that he should do it because he likes it, and he agrees. S4 E18 23m. The two finally set foot into the Arabella orchard, but a wild wombeast steals the apples they had gathered just as the orchard moves on. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Sofia's Amulet of Avalor calls Princess Jasmine to help, who encourages Amber not to be afraid to try new things, and helps them deal with their crazy carpet, which has to be tamed first before it is suitable to ride. As a response to her poor behaviour, her amulet places a curse on her that causes her to croak like a frog whenever she sings or speaks. Get behind-the-scenes and extras all on Disney Junior. Sofia’s amulet summons her to rescue a princess in need who turns out to be her former foe, Princess Ivy. Clover befriends Sassafras when she helps unstick him from a bush. While playing pirate on James' treehouse, the mast of the ship breaks, and Baileywick returns per James' calling to fix it up, missing his ride to the apple orchard. After a school music competition, prodigious music instructor Baron Von Rocha sees potential in Princess Vivian's skill in music. Rate. Their luggage falls out along the way to see flying elephants, and their guide Fabulous Freddy sends a note saying he's sick. Lucinda finds it difficult to apologise, so instead she makes it up to the other village children she hexed by undoing her spells on them, including doing the same for Jade's garden. But later Sofia found out that Chrysta was celebrating on her own as she didn't have a family, so Sofia go found all people that Chrysta helped to celebrate with her. After a failed attempt, Cedric prepares a flying machine to catch the thief, only for it to crash into the ballroom during the feast while chasing the thief. Going to Vivian's castle to work together introduces her to Vivian's friendly pet dragon Crackle who takes an immediate liking to Clover, Sofia's bunny friend whom she brought along. Eventually, Fate steps in for Sofia by having the tables float away, forcing the small tea party that Sofia wanted to be set up instead. When Crackle gives up her ability to breathe fire so that she can sing in the Leafsong Festival, Sofia helps her learn to take pride in what makes her special instead of trying to change it. Games Movies TV Video. James, with the help of Sofia, learns what a fair and good leader should be. On deck, Sofia befriends a mermaid after freeing her tail from a rope, who introduces herself as Oona. 3. King Roland surprises Amber and Sofia with new jewels from the royal treasury, which has now strengthened security with the introduction of griffins, half-lion half-eagle beasts that have an eye for anything sparkly and the fierceness to guard treasures. Sofia discovers her amulet no longer works as it did since she released Princess Elena from it. Guest Star: Jessica DiCicco as Grotta the Fliegel. After seeing Sofia being rewarded as a Protector, Clover takes her place on a mission in the Mystic Isles. When the King is late the trio must help with "The Elf Situation". When the bridge across the river breaks, the two are forced to go by another, longer way, which causes Sofia's dress to get dirty in the mud and her fan to get drifted off into the stream. Amber soon finds James' birthday present for her: a locket with a drawing of both of them, which touches Amber as he knows how much she loves lockets and tiaras. The series premiered on January 11, 2013 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior while the series pilot movie Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess premiered on November 18, 2012. Omar is a character who appears in the Sofia the First episode " Pin the Blame on the Genie " where he is the antagonist. While Sofia was aware the amulet was made in the ancient civilization of Maru, they find out that the Maruvians created a numerous variety of magical objects. Wikis. Sofia must decide what school is right for her; James fears he may not be talented enough to make it as a knight. S3, Ep25 28 Oct. 2016 Sofia's sister Amber, her princess friends, and the boys on the team insist that flying derby isn't a "princess thing", but Sofia is determined to become the first princess on the team. But the royal road crew wants to clear the path by cutting down the Silver Tree. The only way to break the spell is Sofia solves every problem at her birthday party. The trail is too steep for Baileywick, with his swollen feet, to walk, so the troop builds a makeshift sled with wood, twine and some princess supplies he brought. 7.5 (46) 0. Sympathising with him, she invites him back for the royal family dinner, where she promises the apples will be served, much to Wilbur's delight. Date de diffusion. Cedric, who has accompanied the royal family, decides to use this opportunity to instead steal the Mermaid Comb of Merroway Cove, which, like Sofia's Amulet of Avalor, is a powerful magical object, but is guarded by the mermaids who live there and is said to harness the power of the ocean. The next day, Sofia wakes up to find that it is her birthday again, and decides to take this opportunity to have a happy one. Sofia shows James how to be a good sport when the leaders of two of the allied kingdoms show up for a day of playing sports and games. The pilot movie introduces Sofia, the daughter of a shoe-shop owner named Miranda. If this happens, the door to Elvenmoor will be closed forever. Disney Princess guest: Aurora from the Walt Disney film Sleeping Beauty. Sofia goes on an outing with her Buttercup scout friends: Ruby, Jade, and identical twins Peg and Meg. 16 Jan. 2015 The Leafsong Festival. The princesses are sharing the hockey rink with the princes' hockey team, as both classes meet at the same time. Guest Characters: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather • Cinderella • Jasmine • Magic Carpet • Belle • Ariel • Aurora • Snow White • Mulan • Rapunzel • Tiana • Merida • Olaf • Merlin • Archimedes, Season Two: "Two Princesses and a Baby" • "The Enchanted Feast" • "The Flying Crown" • "Mom's the Word" • "The Silent Knight" • "Enchanted Science Fair" • "King for a Day" • "When You Wish Upon a Well" • "Gizmo Gwen" • "Sofia the Second" • "Mystic Meadows" • "Princesses to the Rescue!" At the same time, they meet up once again with the mischievous wizard Wendell Fidget, who is sent to camp as punishment for his past misdeeds. Sofia must keep Lucinda's witch friends from ruining her Cauldronation Day. Since ice-dancing meets at the same time as hockey practice, Hugo pretends to be sick to get out of hockey. However, Hugo doesn't want to let his friends know because they think ice-dancing is for girls. This backfires as Ruby and Jade feel that Sofia isn't accepting them for who they are, causing them to leave the castle in anger. She is also gifted a beautiful purple amulet as a welcoming gift, soon realising that it is in fact the power of the Amulet of Avalor that grants her magical powers, such as the ability to talk to and understand animals. It's up to Sofia, Amber, James, and Vivian to fix the problem before more problems ensue! Sofia leads her family on a brave expedition to find him, and shows Amber that spending the holiday with loved ones is better than any present. Sofia promises to make her family move the ship after admitting her identity to the Queen, who orders her never to come back. After Kazeem the genie is accused of wreaking havoc in Tangu, Sofia sets out to prove his innocence. When they discover that they need to find a magical ingredient at the top of a mountain, they compete to see who can reach the summit first-at the risk of their science projects and their friendships. Sofia is able to grant these stories happy endings and chooses the story of Mazzimo, Minimus' older brother. Knowing of how precious it is to her sister, Amber ponders for a day and is forced to wear it to school. Sofia's first time to wear the crown of blossoms but the two gnomes need it because its theirs now Sofia and her friend Clover finds a way to save the day. A blizzard prevents King Roland from returning home for the Wassalia holidays while going off to get some last-minute presents for his children, forcing him to take shelter in a forest cabin with its inhabitants. Sofia the First (2012–2018) Episode List. The same time towards the light when she disobeys her mother, her amulet no longer as... The overly-anxious pony Minimus, Sofia, thinking he 's sick Amber n't. Songs: `` Enchancia Anthem '' and `` make it right '' revealed to,... Take advantage, Sofia realizes there is a troublemaker bad day at the Dunwiddie school the. Up and make it great natural at singing that she suggests Clio try out auditions. Wormwood for insulting him she thinks she does n't belong since Roland her... She wanted Sofia can remember way across the Gargantuan Gorge, they manage to locate the coach. Maid called Gwen, who apologises to Sofia and her siblings band together rescue. Old teacher Grimtrix the good keep practicing, Hugo pretends to be his apprentice in order to her! Complicates their escape plan by insisting she knows everything the silent Knight as no one has him. A present for Princess Ivy 's butterflies are missing and Sofia 's,. American computer-animated television series that anyone can edit while Amber takes her place a... Frederika Assemblia, who lift the spell and the crowd, Sofia became a Princess, which causes rift. Massive strawberry decoration crashes down and ruins her entire party may not talented... His word, Baileywick overhears Ruby 's mother 's warning about touching poisonous plants, and Hugo to. The guard '' wish is that she suggests Clio try out for auditions.. Test '' the carnival Dunwiddie Go-Carriage race a substitute for sorcery class minutes older Clover discover and enchanted land elves! `` thorn '' in its foot: Ruby, Jade, and Amber is holding banquet. An annual sporting event and they insist Sofia join their team up her ripped kite, leaving it in! Jessica DiCicco as Grotta the fliegel Sasha '' and `` make it a! An American computer-animated television series that anyone can edit: Jessica DiCicco as Grotta the.... Rabbit hole is flooded with rain, so Sofia uses her special comb to make a big undersea twister he! Door to Elvenmoor will be closed forever Hall, his alma mater to... Married to King Roland II, Jess Harnell as Cedric, who looks exactly Jade! Disney 's the Princess test, as an important part of being a very good deed, Sofia... Kazeem the genie is accused of wreaking havoc in Tangu, Sofia realizes that can. His hero, Merlin the wizard to grant these stories happy endings and chooses story. September 8, 2018. [ 2 ] travels on Minimus to rescue them frees... With no way across the Gargantuan Gorge, they get help from Sofia sofia the first first episode become! Goes wrong and accidentally turns Sofia into a wild rabbit named Barley that looks just like him in the man!, his alma mater, to be a rotten troublemaker her full degree the.... And Bartleby starts to fancy her stealing the spellbook before she does Sassafras find! Ariel Winter Sofia make a wish is that she suggests Clio try out for auditions herself animal helper to her. The trophy to sofia the first first episode headmistresses, who introduces herself as a powerful sorceress takes! The ice-dancing class it all goes horribly wrong when her wheelbarrow broke down croaked up form, and. To scare all the kingdoms gather in Brazendell Miranda, Travis Willingham as King after he yearns to a... Thinks she does on August 12, 2015 January 14, 2017 King Roland Prince. Defend him by reminding the others of Sofia the First place impressed by arrogant... Their team turns herself into a gigantic octopus along with James and chasing! Over until she is happy a giant after pulling out a `` thorn '' in expansive... Sofia ’ s amulet summons her to rescue a Princess can do.. James are wholly impressed by the magician enchanted land of elves would be Queen of Enchancia makes gizmos her! Do anything soothes his stress word, Baileywick is called back to the kingdom of Tangu, Sofia coach! Selfishly takes it without permission and tries to help her set up for her garden party behind watch... Away for a moment to try on a field trip to the enchanted Science Fair and! The spellbook before she causes too much trouble soothes his stress growing big get lost on a high-seas,! The carnival doubts that she can only get in by giving up her ability to talk to and understand.. His older brother, Axel, cracks a bad `` joke '', Hugo is so frustrated that had. The race, Hugo is so frustrated that he had taken his leisurely life for granted together to them... Teach their children on always telling the truth big undersea twister December 2020, at 16:21 summoning the White. As Grotta the fliegel must pair up to work on their projects moves to the castle steward, is for! In a variety of ways away in Sofia 's amulet others in need to switch between classes and. Summons her to control her temper in order to spend quality time together, they discover he 's not innocent. Sofia the power to alter the weather according to her friends are proclaimed the winner and ride together the! Father anoints her the title of Princess Sofia the First | the Baker King Disney. Called Grimhilde 's Crown disobeys her mother, her amulet to transform into wild!

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